Thursday, 17 January 2013

What our clients/partners say about us……

Sean Williams - Technical Architect 

“Rhys supplied Rails developers at Gamesys. Proactive, personable with good roots in the ruby community made Rhys a pleasure to work with. I would certainly use Rhys again and can thoroughly recommend him to anyone requiring great candidates.”


Gemma Adey – HR Manager

“Rhys has played a large part in growing our development team. He understands our business well and I can trust that every candidate we receive would be a good fit for both our roles and company. Rhys he clearly knows the Ruby market well and keeps me updated as we continue to work in partnership.”


Lukas Oberhuber - CTO

“Rhys has consistently found me excellent developers with tricky to find attributes and qualities.”


Adam Smith – Managing Director

“Rhys is one of the few recruiters in the area that can sniff out a good Ruby on Rails developer. Many recruiters claim to 'understand' what we need, but few live up to the promise. Rhys seems to get it right every time - placing superb developers who slot smoothly into our existing culture.”


Romain Eude – CTO

“Whilst sourcing Ruby on Rails for us, Rhys has demonstrated efficiency and reliability in his service and in the candidates he has put forward. He is very dependable, which is a great quality in the recruitment space.”

What Ruby on Rails Developers say about us……..

Stevie Graham - Senior Ruby Developer/International employee #1 @ twilio

 “Rhys has worked in the Ruby space for years and knows literally every quality Ruby developer in the UK. If you’re a company looking for quality Ruby developers he will help you find someone you probably wouldn’t find on your own. On top of that he's a great bloke that you can trust, which also sets him apart from other recruiters. 

On the other hand if you're looking for work, you should always give Rhys a call.”


Martin Sadler – Senior Ruby Developer /Creator of 

“Rhys has been in the Ruby on Rails scene for as long as I can remember. 

He is a breath of fresh air compared to many recruitment agents in this field. Very personable, hardworking, and extremely pro-active.  If I'm hiring or looking for a new role I wouldn't hesitate to make Rhys my first port of call.”


Sam Phillips - Head of DevOps 

“I've been in contact with Rhys both as a candidate and as a referee over the last few years, and my experience in that time has been excellent. He is always straight-talking about the roles he's working on, and by understanding the subtleties of what his clients are looking for, only recommends candidates that are actually suitable - a rare thing! 

He's friendly, easy to talk to and pragmatic in his approach - focused on getting the right people into the right roles, rather than meeting targets at all costs. Recommended.”


Tony Daly - Senior Ruby Developer/Team Lead

 “I've experienced working with Rhys both as a candidate and as client and have had nothing but success. Rhys is honest and understanding recruiter and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to developers and clients.”


Dan Nuttall – Senior Ruby Developer

“Rhys is an example of that rarest of breeds; an honest recruiter. He has a genuine interest in placing you in the most suitable role for you, regardless of whether he will profit from it or not. 

He is the only agent I actively seek out when I am considering a new role for myself or when recruiting for my own team.”


Brent Greef – Senior Ruby Developer

“Rhys is the top Ruby on Rails recruiter that I have worked with. He has a deep understanding of the industry and is really focused on placing people in roles that are really suited to their skillset. He is a great resource for honest information and advice.”