Tuesday, 26 January 2010

iPhone Application Development - Job Market Overview

Are you interested in a new iPhone Developer Contract or Permanent position?

A number of positions I have been recruiting for this year have seen a substantial amount of crossover with the iPhone development space.

Since the beginning of the year I have decided to split my time between iPhone and RoR recruitment due to the increased demand my clients/prospective clients have for the iPhone Development skill set.

I have been looking into Objective C and Cocoa and will be attending LIDG at the Regent Street apple store on the 3rd of February with a few other Rails/iPhone Developers to gain a genuine understanding of the iPhone development space.

One thing is for sure that is clear over the last months research; the iPhone recruitment market is short of good developers. It is highly contract driven and clients are happy to pay the rates required to secure those highly skilled individuals which are typically charging between
£350 to £400 per day.

But why is the iPhone app development market in particular going crazy for developers at the moment? It could be a number if reasons:

There are over 56,000,000 app store users (33m own an iPhone with 23m owning an iPod touch)

The average each iPhone user spends £8 on app downloads every month.

The launch of the new tablet device that is said to bridge the gap between Apple and the Smartphone with the projection of sales estimated between two and five million within the first year.

I am speaking to a high volume of clients/prospective clients in relation to their iPhone Development needs and would therefore be interested in speaking to all iPhone Developers at all levels to see who is available for project driven contract work and who is interested in permanent opportunities when they are live and signed off.

If you would like a more in depth discussion about how I can help you with your next iPhone project/permanent move, please contact me via:

Telephone: 0207 469 0829
Mobile: 07940 390 822

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